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The hospital provides the latest technology,surgical procedures and diagnostic facilities under one roof.It has a well equipped Out-patient Department and excellent In-patient facilities.The operation theatre complex consists of multiple operation suites for surgeries under local and general anaesthesia. All the OTs are equipped with state- of -the- art instruments and life support and monitoring equipment.In addition to the routine out patient and In patient services, the hospital also provides emergency and casualty services for eye patients all through the year.

Out Patient Complex
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Down Stairs to OPD
Waiting Area
Record Room
Optical Counter
Auto Refractometer
Non Contact Tonometer
Refraction Unit
Contact Lens Clinic
Lens Set
Indirect Opthalmoscope
USG B Scan
Yag Laser
Slit Lamp
Slit Lamp
USG-B Scan
Yag Laser
Squint Workup
Trial Lens Set
Optical Coherence Tomography
Automated Perimetry
Automated Perimetry
Fluoresccein Angiography
A-Scan 2
Low Vision Aids

In-Patient Complex

Preop Room
Laser DCR
Nidek Green Laser
Laser for DCR
Iridex Red Laser
Pulse Oximeter
Nidek Laser Cataract Surgery in Progress Surgery in Progress
Boyle's Apparatus



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